50W fiber laser engraving machine

Our 50W fiber laser marker includes Q-switch or pulsed output laser beam. Ideal for permanently marking and engraving raw metal applications as well as industrial polymers. The improved beam quality coupled with 10x more focused beam diameter (compared to CO2) makes this fiber marker ideal for applications that demand extreme precision.
Fiber Power  50W
Speed Speed: 5,000mm / sec
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Repeated Accuracy 0.002"
Cooling Method Forced Air
Beam Quality Diffraction of m2 < 1.5 to 2.0
Pump Design Multi-channel Diode
Power Supply 110V/ 50Hz/2kVA
Image Formats Supports PLT, BMP, DXF, JPG, TIF, AI, PNG, JPG, etc.


  • Call to schedule a free demo here in Saint Cloud MN!
  • Permanently mark or etch smooth or uneven metals including firearms, tools, parts, jewelry, PVC & Acrylics
  • Up to 100x faster compared to gantry style lasers
  • Includes laptop
  • Pulse Wave Frequency: 20-80 KHz
  • Compact Scan head w/ low maintenance - no more flying optics to align
  • High reliability: Up to 100,000+ hours productivity
  • Efficiency: Wall plug efficiency is near 30% (vs. only 3% with CO2).
  • Auto focus and adjustable Z-axis up to 30" vertical height movement
  • Foot petal included for production job runs
  • Rotary axis ready
  • Full Support via. phone, email, chat, or remotely accessing your pc.
  • Two (2) year Warranty fully protects Fiber Laser machine and parts.


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